WHAT IS Feedo Insights?
Whether you are running a restaurant, hospital, a car showroom or you own any other business that provides services to customers and caters to their needs, there is always a need to understand what your customers think about your services so that you can improve them with powerful Feedback app and get a real time Feedback.
What Feedo actually do…?
Making sure that your services maintain a high quality and at the same time identifying what areas need improvement, is crucial for every business.
Understanding your customers will enable you to offer service quality that delights your customers and converts your customers into brand ambassadors for your business.So use Restaurant Feedback app or Restaurant Survey app. For More info visit our site http://ethosteck.com/ 
What we DO?

Feedo Insights is a new SaaS offering that helps you understand your customers by collecting feedback. Using Feedo Insights, you can create a feedback survey that caters to all the specific needs of your business so that you can understand and get insights into your customers behavior with online feedback app.

  • Create a feedback survey that caters to your business. Use across any service industry – restaurants, food chains, hospitals, beauty services, car sales.
  • Use the same feedback form across multiple outlets or create a separate form for each outlet.
  • Get real time reports for the responses submitted by customers with Feedback Management system.
  • Compare reports from various outlets to know which outlets are not performing as expected.
  • Supports a wide variety of questions.
  • Daily, weekly, monthly reports.
  • Affordable pricing tiers.
  • Available as an app or along with hardware (tablet).

Collect comments and feedback from your customers. Also, include other details like contact information.


Various questions allow you to know what your customers like or dislike.


Customers rate your service using and easy to use feedback form.

Analyze and know how your outlets and services are performing. Get to know your customers and what they think about your service.

Comprehensive reports that allow you to monitor and track if your service quality is improving over time.

  • Yes
  • No
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Comparison Reports
Compare across various time & locations using date and location comparison reports.
Customize, Save & Schedule
Customize, save and schedule your reports to be delivered to your inbox.
Advanced Reporting Filters
Filter reports based on day, time, question, tags assigned, devices, source and more!
Drill-Down Reports
Drill down your reports to view related data and responses and analyze better.
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